Sunday, 1 July 2012


One could say that my mind is childish, thus, so are the ideas I imagine. However, I see the world in a different way to everyone else and, yes, I may be a teenager but, the older I become matures my ideas. I have a wide array of ideas for my teaser trailers; many of them are happy, few of them are dark, a small number of them are funny, but, there is a mixture to develop and ripen.

The things that I have seen recently have made me change the perception I have on life; the way the media has lead many people to think that the Underground Rap Scene is nothing more than a group of wanabee gangster. Or, what about the rising number of outragous murders and killing that slowly consume us?

The idea that I have come up with connects with the recent movement in which upcomming rappers like Labrynth, Plan B, as well as singers like Liona Lewis, have been visiting their old schools. They have been taking young  teenagers   (who have had torn up lives) and given them the chance to make something of themselves. They have used recording studios, put on public performances. So, after I watched  the shows, I thought about making a movie trailer about a rapper trying to bring rap to Mainstream. I feel that I am compelled to do this because of my love of music and rap; I'm a poet, an author, and a amutar rapper so I  have the knowldge of what I can do in this trailer.

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