Saturday, 7 July 2012

RESEARCH & PLANNING Deeper into my Ideas

Previously, I thought that attempting to produce and adaptation of Harold Pinter's play "The Dumb Waiter" would be impossible. However, I have had a light bulb moment and I realised that I do not need to make my teaser trailer in the same image of  the play; I can us the same plot and storyline while adding changes of my own.

I have the perfect soundtrack but, I cannot remember the name or composer. It was composed by an Italian man and comes in the form of an instrumental. The beat is slow and hard hitting, the pace is slow and jumpy, every instrument packs a punch. It sets the muggy, tense, awkward, and sinister tone for a Pinter piece. I remember when Scott and I used it for the AS drama exam and the effect that it had on the audience and us because of the dark atmosphere that it had on us.

Over the next few weeks I will do some research on Pinter adaptations and gather up some ideas that can be used to attract a Pinter type audience. The play "The Dumb Waiter" was set in in the 60s and has that quirky-classy feel. I will also find out about the Whip Pan Transition editing technique (more about this in another post), the setting that was popular back then, and,I need to find a way to embed a Pinter trademark like his pauses because this will attract his type of audience.

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