Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Positives

What do you feel Positive

I felt that due to me being a creative person (I’m an author, poet, actor, and amateur rapper/song writer), I will be able to put together something that is simple but, captivating at the same time. I am enthusiastic when there is a group project to be completed because I love being able to be apart of something and I also enjoy meeting new people and working with a different range of people from all backgrounds and culture.

I feel that the experiences and lessons learned from the AS cycle will contribute to me being better and contributing towards make a product that is mature and creative. I will have a good idea of what I need to do, of what needs to be done as a group, and what can be done to improve on things that are good and bad.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Angelo Badalamenti - Audrey's Dance (Twin Peaks OST)

This soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti is a serious hard-hitting contender. The instrumental "Audrey's Dance" (a theme track from American TV series "Twin Peaks") is a awkward and tense musical that uses a full orchestra to put together this piece.

I would like to use this for the teaser trailer of my "The Dumb Waiter" adaptation because it embeds a feeling of unease and leaves a dark atmosphere over an audience before the trailer starts. I mean when this is played, you will already know that this has a very sinister and dark tone to what you are about to see so, this is the type of soundtrack I would like to use. My new teacher (yes I remember your name!) please check this out in the other post "The Drama Exam".

Teaser Trailer

Ideas for my Teaser Trailer

It was today that I came up with this idea. I was thinking; the CHERUB Series by would renowned author, Robert Muchamore. I could maybe do a film adaptation of his first novel within the series, The Recruit. I mean, I feel that it would be quite easy because it involves a 12 year old son, his sister, their mum, and a few other people. The boy is the son of a thieving terrorist who accidently kills herself when she mixes alcohol with drink. When she dies, the boy is brought to a care home with his sister, the sister is taken away by her father, he ends up in a gang and on the wrong side of the law, despite being very intelligent, and then he gets recruited into CHERUB, the secret operations unit.

That’s an overview but, I will say no more except I attend an all boys Secondary/6th Form College and we have a brilliant Expressive Arts Department were there are over seventy 12—18 year olds taking the subject. Plus, I’m an actor myself so I have experience in acting.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


What type of Audience would you like to Attract?

My target audience would be 11-40 year olds because I embed a relist view of life into my creations; they would have to be flexible, spontaneous, and open-minded to all views and opinions that the world presents us with on a daily basis. They have to be mature but, have a sense of fun about them; enjoy a good laugh or two. I want an audience that is up to date with events in the past, present, and ready for the ones that we will go through in the future. I also would like an audience that has a massive imagination as well as a taste for new experiences and has a creative side.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

AUDIENCE RESEARCH Questionnaire Plan

Audience Research Questionnaire Plan

Basic questions:

  1. How old are you?
  2. What gender are you? Male, Female, Other
  3. How do you watch films?
  4. Do you watch trailers for upcoming films?
  5. Have you used the internet to watch trailers?
  6. Do trailer make up you decision to watch new films?
  7. What genre of film do you like?
  8. Do you look for that specific genre in a trailer?
  9. If you watch trailers, are they the only type of advetisiment you watch for films?
  10. What is the reason for looking online for a trailer?
  11. Do things like movie posters at bus stations or, TV adverts, or word-of-mouth, lead to you looking for trailers?
  12. Do you read film magazines?
  13. What makes them different to of type of film news platforms?
  14. Why do you read them?
  15. Do you look out for film posters on buses or at cinemas?
  16. Do posters make you want to watch a film?
  17. Why do they make you want to watch a film?
  18. What memorable film posters have you seen recently?
  19. What was it that made you remember it?

Friday, 13 July 2012


Film Posters and Magazine Front Covers

I may decide that a poster or front cover will be more suitable for attracting an audience for my teaser trailer, After a few days research, I have come to the conclusion that these websites are some of the best sites that I can use to strengthen my project planning and audience/product research.

  • Empire on Line: Give brief but, detailed description of films. Author, director, cast, and main elements included. Shows poster for films, magazine front covers, film posters, and DVD front covers for films.
  • Google Images: The mother-ship of the internet contains millions and billions of film posters, magazine front covers, DVD cases, and much more.
  • Total
  • IMP This site specialise in showcasing the most famous and least famous posters of all time. If there is anywhere that is worth checking out for posters, it’s here.
  • The Guardian Website: The Guardian Newspaper’s website has a range of very serious and precise reviews on films and the advertising and promoting material. With a special page that is dedicated to posters, how can you afford not to use it???

Saturday, 7 July 2012

RESEARCH & PLANNING Deeper into my Ideas

Previously, I thought that attempting to produce and adaptation of Harold Pinter's play "The Dumb Waiter" would be impossible. However, I have had a light bulb moment and I realised that I do not need to make my teaser trailer in the same image of  the play; I can us the same plot and storyline while adding changes of my own.

I have the perfect soundtrack but, I cannot remember the name or composer. It was composed by an Italian man and comes in the form of an instrumental. The beat is slow and hard hitting, the pace is slow and jumpy, every instrument packs a punch. It sets the muggy, tense, awkward, and sinister tone for a Pinter piece. I remember when Scott and I used it for the AS drama exam and the effect that it had on the audience and us because of the dark atmosphere that it had on us.

Over the next few weeks I will do some research on Pinter adaptations and gather up some ideas that can be used to attract a Pinter type audience. The play "The Dumb Waiter" was set in in the 60s and has that quirky-classy feel. I will also find out about the Whip Pan Transition editing technique (more about this in another post), the setting that was popular back then, and,I need to find a way to embed a Pinter trademark like his pauses because this will attract his type of audience.

Thursday, 5 July 2012


What needs to be done?

Product Research:

In the A2 cycle, I will need to find a teaser trailer that I like, perform an anlysise on it, and then I will need to make a presentation about it.

In lessons, I have been watching a wide array of teaser trailers that we could uses. Some of the titles that I have take an interest in are:
  • The Dark Night Rises, Christopher Nolan, 2012
  • Twiglight: Breaking Dawn, Bill Condon, 2012
  • I Am Legend,…..,2011
  • Hobbit,…..,,2012
  • Skyfall, Sam Mundes, 2012

I can use these titles so that I can have a few test runs in order to get a feel of what teaser trailers have in common or, what their differences are. I will write up an overview of what is involved in the teaser trailer, the length of the teaser trailer is, the total number of scenes and shots in the teaser trailer, a description about the soundtrack, and, further detail on areas like mise-en-scene (what can be seen in the shot or scene), the way the camera has been used (example “how has that cantered angle been used to convey the subjects fear?”), and characters; how does the character in the trailer attract the audience.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

RESEARCH & PLANNING A2 Media Studies Blog

In my second year of Media Studies, I will use this blog to research and plan for my assessment of my teaser trailer. I will be learning about what teaser trailer are, what they are for, what they may have in them, and how Film Production companies uses them to attract a specific type of target audience. Once I have a thorough understanding of this, I will develop and produce my own teaser trailer which will be apart of a future film.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


One could say that my mind is childish, thus, so are the ideas I imagine. However, I see the world in a different way to everyone else and, yes, I may be a teenager but, the older I become matures my ideas. I have a wide array of ideas for my teaser trailers; many of them are happy, few of them are dark, a small number of them are funny, but, there is a mixture to develop and ripen.

The things that I have seen recently have made me change the perception I have on life; the way the media has lead many people to think that the Underground Rap Scene is nothing more than a group of wanabee gangster. Or, what about the rising number of outragous murders and killing that slowly consume us?

The idea that I have come up with connects with the recent movement in which upcomming rappers like Labrynth, Plan B, as well as singers like Liona Lewis, have been visiting their old schools. They have been taking young  teenagers   (who have had torn up lives) and given them the chance to make something of themselves. They have used recording studios, put on public performances. So, after I watched  the shows, I thought about making a movie trailer about a rapper trying to bring rap to Mainstream. I feel that I am compelled to do this because of my love of music and rap; I'm a poet, an author, and a amutar rapper so I  have the knowldge of what I can do in this trailer.