Sunday, 28 October 2012

What's New

Well, to begin with, I have added more new shots, interlacing my big story with mini stories. After many discussions with my partner, I have come to the conclusion that the element of surprise will be essential in order to pull this off. Many students who doe the entire AS and A2 Media Studies course concentrate on straightforward and cliché themes. One like "this young boy has always live on the streets and been in gangs. Now he wants to find a way out, for the sake of his brother", or, we get this one; "he is a hit man who is waiting to kidnap the target and get information out of him, one way or another". Yes, i understand that we do come from a more urban environment; do we have to put our mindset into this box? Why should we keep on doing the same things that many British films still do today, incorporate Social Realism instead of branching out, and going further. This is why i have chosen such a demanding genre; i want to try and shock my demographic will something that starts out with things they see in everyday life, in the news, etc, but, ends with something absolutely mind blowing.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Changes to Storyboard

I felt as though the layout of of the old draft was too scruffy and unorganised. In addition to this, it seemed that the old one was lacking conventions of a crime-action thriller, despite me including them. Thus, i have evaluated and re-done my draft and i am now satisfied with the finishing product.

This one has a bigger story, one that is filled with mystery and confusion. I have also made sure that i have some seemingly random shots at the start that will, at first, confuse my demographic (which is what the teaser must do in order to make them yearn or the 'film'), also, the new storyline is essential to the message that i want to portray. I have also Incorporated many different types of shots, some that will be extremely hard, and common conventions like the corny lines, and this films is so similar to "Taken".

The only differences are the ties between the protagonist and the victim are not family ones; the protagonist is a family friend to the young girl. He does not really know her that well. I feel that i know hare something that has a strong foundation ot work with and i shall be incontact with my partner to get thses plan finalised and in motion.

Friday, 5 October 2012


With my new storyboard, I have found various way to keep the cliches and conventions of action thrillers like "Taken" (2008, Peirre Morel). This thriller contains almost every single convention of common action thrillers known within  the media industry. This is the type of teaser trailer that i would like to make.