Friday, 13 July 2012


Film Posters and Magazine Front Covers

I may decide that a poster or front cover will be more suitable for attracting an audience for my teaser trailer, After a few days research, I have come to the conclusion that these websites are some of the best sites that I can use to strengthen my project planning and audience/product research.

  • Empire on Line: Give brief but, detailed description of films. Author, director, cast, and main elements included. Shows poster for films, magazine front covers, film posters, and DVD front covers for films.
  • Google Images: The mother-ship of the internet contains millions and billions of film posters, magazine front covers, DVD cases, and much more.
  • Total
  • IMP This site specialise in showcasing the most famous and least famous posters of all time. If there is anywhere that is worth checking out for posters, it’s here.
  • The Guardian Website: The Guardian Newspaper’s website has a range of very serious and precise reviews on films and the advertising and promoting material. With a special page that is dedicated to posters, how can you afford not to use it???

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