Friday, 20 July 2012

Teaser Trailer

Ideas for my Teaser Trailer

It was today that I came up with this idea. I was thinking; the CHERUB Series by would renowned author, Robert Muchamore. I could maybe do a film adaptation of his first novel within the series, The Recruit. I mean, I feel that it would be quite easy because it involves a 12 year old son, his sister, their mum, and a few other people. The boy is the son of a thieving terrorist who accidently kills herself when she mixes alcohol with drink. When she dies, the boy is brought to a care home with his sister, the sister is taken away by her father, he ends up in a gang and on the wrong side of the law, despite being very intelligent, and then he gets recruited into CHERUB, the secret operations unit.

That’s an overview but, I will say no more except I attend an all boys Secondary/6th Form College and we have a brilliant Expressive Arts Department were there are over seventy 12—18 year olds taking the subject. Plus, I’m an actor myself so I have experience in acting.

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