Sunday, 15 July 2012

AUDIENCE RESEARCH Questionnaire Plan

Audience Research Questionnaire Plan

Basic questions:

  1. How old are you?
  2. What gender are you? Male, Female, Other
  3. How do you watch films?
  4. Do you watch trailers for upcoming films?
  5. Have you used the internet to watch trailers?
  6. Do trailer make up you decision to watch new films?
  7. What genre of film do you like?
  8. Do you look for that specific genre in a trailer?
  9. If you watch trailers, are they the only type of advetisiment you watch for films?
  10. What is the reason for looking online for a trailer?
  11. Do things like movie posters at bus stations or, TV adverts, or word-of-mouth, lead to you looking for trailers?
  12. Do you read film magazines?
  13. What makes them different to of type of film news platforms?
  14. Why do you read them?
  15. Do you look out for film posters on buses or at cinemas?
  16. Do posters make you want to watch a film?
  17. Why do they make you want to watch a film?
  18. What memorable film posters have you seen recently?
  19. What was it that made you remember it?

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