Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Thoughts

I have recently come to the conclusion that I am now the leader within my group. I have been taking on the responsibility of the greater task such as screenplay's, shooting schedules, filming locations, and trying to get actors'/actresses' for our teaser trailer. I feel that the role of leader is a much harder task and, due to the fact that my organisation skills are not on par, it makes everything a bit difficult. However, organisation, teamwork, and leadership are essential assets needed in order to be successful in the industry of Media so, I will be working hard to improve upon these skills and, ensure that I regularly correspond with my teacher, making sure that I am on the right track.

Recently, my partner and I have been scouting for a cast and we have come up with some good results. Also, location scouting has been successful with both of our areas that we live in showing some brilliant results. My estate could be considered as posh but, at night time, comes alive with the dimmed light and the darkness creating a sinister atmosphere in certain parts of the estate. Easily accessible, quite, and safe,it would be perfect for our chase scene. My partner and I will upload some photos' and one of our favourite effects of the estate is the silhouette effect that the darkness of walkways in contrast with the dimmed yellow lights have on figure when placed correctly. I will make sure that the cast are given actors'/actresses contracts, their script, a risk assessment, and a shooting schedule.