Thursday, 5 July 2012


What needs to be done?

Product Research:

In the A2 cycle, I will need to find a teaser trailer that I like, perform an anlysise on it, and then I will need to make a presentation about it.

In lessons, I have been watching a wide array of teaser trailers that we could uses. Some of the titles that I have take an interest in are:
  • The Dark Night Rises, Christopher Nolan, 2012
  • Twiglight: Breaking Dawn, Bill Condon, 2012
  • I Am Legend,…..,2011
  • Hobbit,…..,,2012
  • Skyfall, Sam Mundes, 2012

I can use these titles so that I can have a few test runs in order to get a feel of what teaser trailers have in common or, what their differences are. I will write up an overview of what is involved in the teaser trailer, the length of the teaser trailer is, the total number of scenes and shots in the teaser trailer, a description about the soundtrack, and, further detail on areas like mise-en-scene (what can be seen in the shot or scene), the way the camera has been used (example “how has that cantered angle been used to convey the subjects fear?”), and characters; how does the character in the trailer attract the audience.

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