Wednesday, 12 December 2012


The use of Ambiguity
With the film title, I have been playing around ambiguity. This means you can have a saying or a phrase that means two different things. My Last Ride, for example, has more than one meaning. Firstly, this could mean a last bike ride, last car ride, etc. Or, it could mean a person’s last battle, a last fight for a good cause. Films like “The Kings Speech” use this skill to make the audience think about the film more, maybe cause a little bit of confusion.
Some films even change the language of the film title because it is more interesting and attractive. We have been considering changing the title from promise me to Promise Me This or The Last Promise.
Promise Me This
This title could mean promise something in the event of death, promise something in the case of a pivotal event.
The Last Promise
This title is better than the one above, due to strength of using ambiguity. With The Last Promise, it could have more than two meaning; the last promise could be a promise to someone before they leave, it could also be a last promise before death, it could be a promise to save the life of someone  or, a promise to one’s self,

Monday, 10 December 2012

Survey Questions: The Reasons

The Reasons

This scribid document simply explains why we have picked the questions used for our survey, the people or target auddience they are aimed at and, what we hope to gain from the responses.