Sunday, 30 September 2012

New Survey

We have decided that our first Survey was to basic. So, we have research a range of different formal and informal questions that not only discover who our takers are. we have put question that make our survey a bit amusing so that they will not get bored of our survey. This means that we can have a larger audience that enjoys our survey will giving is important and valuable information.

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Storyboards are a brilliant way to re-think your ideas for a film. After going through a difficult decision period, the storyboards that my partner and I created has given new ideas for our storyboards. We will review all our plans because now, we have to adapt the new ideas into the old ones.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mood-board Draft

This mood-board is a draft which we did on paper and we cut out pictures from magazines. We want this to show a mixture of emotions and scenario that could affect the course of our teaser trailer. Violence, kidnapping, car chases, lonesomeness, homelessness, being trapped, being a lone, death, a new dawn, a new day, the end of life, the consequences for pursing dangerous quest. A wide range of things can affect the road our teaser is on and that is why we enjoy doing a range of mood and story boards.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Breif Additions

The idea of incorperating an adult genre from a youthful point of view is extreamly exciting. We would love to be able to add romance, action, crime, and thriller into out film, following example from films such as Peirre Molsen's "Taken"  (2008). These type of films have a gripping and emotional storylines with suprising pivotal turning points. Furthermore, many books like Mills&Boons have the element of the harderned, alpha-male who has to go outside of their comfort zone to help other people and let other people in.

My partner and i have decided that we would like to add to figures into our film. The hitman type but, with a phychotic twist. They will be detached from society, loner individuals. Jeremiah being the person in need and the hitment being the renegade soilders . This is only a breif idea.

Monday, 17 September 2012


 Collectable Identity: My Main Character

The identity of my main character will be constructed in such a way that it will confuse the audience. His age has already been decided, he is a young, middle aged man. We feel that this will construct his identity as an adult, a mature and experienced person who has learned the basics in life survival

We made him a male because we felt that this would bring out the stereotype from our audience; men are dominant, controlling, they feel that they are better than women, etc. Then, we shall change this by including a woman as an ally, a woman who will be the leader for our main character.

With the ethnicity, we will not show the skin of the main character in the teaser, he will be in silhouette. This means that the audience will have their own thoughts as to what colour this person is. His actions can not be stereotyped by his ethnicity.

The views of the man can be seen through the film title “The Promise”. He feels that he is responsible for the consequences of not fulfilling any promise he makes and, due to the circumstances that he has been presented with, this may be his worst promise yet. This presents him as loyal, truthful, but not thorough in his thoughts.

He views the world in a realistic way and has no time to play around with life as he knows the importance of life. He likes to live in the moment and give his best in whatever he has to do.

With political views, he feels that there is to much lies and conspiracies within all parties to believe in them but, keeps up to date so that he know what goes on in the world.

His clothing style is smart but, casual, chinos, wranglers, boat shoes, vans, converse, jumpers, and polo shirts. He feels that he does not need to make a huge effort but be presentable. He also does not like to stand out due to the fact of unseen events that may occur.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mini Changes

I felt that the names for my main characters needed to be changed as people are not keen on them,. I like to take all critisism positivley so, the future post containing my character will have their names change

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Our Story Pitch

A story pitch is longer than the teaser pitch as it is a more through run-through of a teaser. It must have a logline-a slogan that hooks the listener-and should contain the fundamental and universal elements that producers are looking for.

The elements illustrate the hero's, their goals, the conflict(s), what the risk are, and why they are fighting for the risk, any pivotal events/emotional turns, and lastly, the conclusion.

My partner and I made a brief pitch for our presentation.


The Hero's: Jeremiah Baily. Sinita Wolfe

Goals: To find and rescue Kate and fulfil his promise he made to protect her

Conflict: He may have to resort to crime and extreme violence. His dark past may be the catalyst for future events. Also, he may not be able to keep the promise for he does not know what he will face.

The Risk: Killing may be needed to find the girl however, he may end up being killed. Things may go deeper than he expected and there could be dire consequences for pursing his objectives. Lastly, his stubbornness could be his downfall.

Why he is fighting to save her: He feels guilty and that the events that have happened are his doing and he also wants to put a stop to her family's pain. In addition to this, is sister also disappeared in the same way as Kate.

Emotional Turning Point:To re-cap, his sister also went missing seven years earlier. He also finds the love of his life.

Pivotal Events: He uncovers and leads to the prolonged capture of an infamously vicious Albanian Slavery ring.

Conclusion: He fulfils his promise to rescue Kate in her times of trouble and he also finds out some startling information about his sisters disappearance.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Our Teaser Pitch

My partner and I have had to create a teaser pitch for our teaser trailer and story pitch. Basically, a teaser pitch is a two minute pitch. The writer is allowed three sentences to hook the executive or agents and the listeners. Within those sentences, you will need to hook the audience with the premise, the genre, and the scope of your film.

Our Teaser Pitch:

Film Title: Promise Me
Genre: Action Thriller
Time Period: Modern Day
Location: London. Suburbs
Budget Medium-Low
Target Audience: Teenager to adults, forty years


It's early hours of morning  in London. Jeremiah Bailey receives a frantic call from teen Kate Hamilen. He swore that he would help her if she had problems. She disappears on that same morning, never to be seen again. Weighed down by guilt , he will use everything in his power to find her-by any means necessary.

Logline (Hook line):
"I made a promise. Now I need to fulfil it"