Friday, 20 July 2012

Angelo Badalamenti - Audrey's Dance (Twin Peaks OST)

This soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti is a serious hard-hitting contender. The instrumental "Audrey's Dance" (a theme track from American TV series "Twin Peaks") is a awkward and tense musical that uses a full orchestra to put together this piece.

I would like to use this for the teaser trailer of my "The Dumb Waiter" adaptation because it embeds a feeling of unease and leaves a dark atmosphere over an audience before the trailer starts. I mean when this is played, you will already know that this has a very sinister and dark tone to what you are about to see so, this is the type of soundtrack I would like to use. My new teacher (yes I remember your name!) please check this out in the other post "The Drama Exam".

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