Friday, 29 June 2012

RESEARCH & PLANNING Movie Poster Analysis 3

This is the movie poster for the 2009 Action-crime thriller, "A Dangerous Man", Staring well known actor, Steven Segal. The first and most essentiasl element of this poster is the compostion of the main antagonist, Segal. He is composed in a extreme close up that notifes the audience that he is the main charater. Nothing more is needed except the compostion of his face and the gauarded position of his gun, a main convetion of an action-crime thriller. Due to Segal's famr, the audience does not need to see much in the poster, suggesting that they have an idea that this contains some sort of action and crime in is because this is Segal's main genre.

The colour around Segal is a blur of gold, mabye suggesting that he is a powerful person. Futhermore, the blur of colour reinforces Segal's power as it could suggest that time is draw and controlled by him. This connects to the mysterious of the thriller genre and, due to the colour and haze that sorround Segal and, the determined no-mercy look on his faceis a common covention of the thriller genre; fighting for a cause or "freedom" by any means neccassary.

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