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RESEARCH & PLANNING Film Poster Analysis 1 & 2

Film Poster Analysis One

Also known as movie posters, film posters are used to advertise films. They come in a range of different sizes and the content of them can come in several different designs. Many posters oftenn contain pictures of main actors, a unique scenes  from the film, and other types of designs. 

Some poster will have the film title in large letters, or a main actor, director, etc. A lot of film posters do not need the name of actor because of the films popularity and they will have a tag line. A tag line is a branding slogan or a phrase that is famously remembered by the audience or, one that sums up the tone of the film. An example could be the film poster for "Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers" (Perter Jackson, 2002)

In the second volume of J.R.R Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", we can see a black background which is illuminated by a fiery orange-red colour which surrounds the infamous ring. The text on the ring burns and can be seen in a orange swirl of smoke. Then, we can see the title of the films. all in capitals and coloured in orange red. Names of any concerning the film have not been included nor any actors. Only the eminent slogan "One Ring Tor Rule Them All" starts at the top of the page. "One Ring" is repeated three times, ensuring that anyone who has heard the of "Lord of the Rings" will remember it, regardless of interest or not. The slogan relates to the film as much as it douse the audience "One Ring To Rule Them All" (this applies to the attracting the audience), "One Ring To Find The All" (to find a bigger audience), "One Ring To Bring Them All" (both fans and new audience will come together), and "And In The Darkness Bind Them", the coming together of different people in the film as well as the audience.

Furthermore, the last line of the phrase connects to the black background and the power that radiates of off the hot ring. This sets the tone and people will know that this is a fantasy or sci-fy film. This is one of the many way that posters are used to advertise the films and attract an audience; they are simple but, the content sets the foundation for the film..

However, film posters are very expensive to make and distribute because production companies have to pay to get them made, pay for places to advertise, pay creative artist, etc. Therefore, film posters are often included with teaser trailer, trailer, and other forms of advertisement.

Film Poster Analysis Two

The composition of Peierre Morel's Action Thriller "Taken" (2009) emphasis the urgency of the main protagonist, Bryan Mills. It is evident that he is searching for something but, seem lost because of his composition in the poster. He is composed slightly to the left of the middle of the poster and, at a slanted angle. This could snuggest that the narrative will be based upon the hardship he will face in the film rather than the character of his daughter Kim. He is also composed at a slanted angle, suggesting that his time is running out. This is reinforced by the log-lines composed high above Bryan but, at a slanted level in line with the  girls chin-"il a 4 jours pour retrouver a fille..." french for "He has four days to save his daughter...".

The composition of the Effie Tower in the background reinforce the glamour of Paris and connects to the expensive looking clothes that the girl wears. It give the impression of glamour and romance in the city known as "the city of love" however, the girl too is composed at a slanted angle and seem to be fading away from Bryan, further strengthening that maybe Bryan is running out of time. It also portrays the convention of a thriller due to the girl looking as though she is being 'Taken' and Bryan running from an exploding halo of blue light into a dark back roads of Paris and, thriller conventions also contain a damsel in distress, a protagonist, and crime concerning antagonist.. The colour blue could suggest heaven and the girls innocence as blue can be connected to perfection. Bryan running into a dark back road, leaving the light, could suggest that he in search of his daughter and needs to leave the perfect rose-tint of the city for a dangerous journey.

The composition of the blood-red film title, "Taken", emphasise the action part of this film. The colour red can be associated with blood, hinting at the prospect of fighting and death. The rugged scar lines in the consuming blood font are composed at various sharp angles, maybe suggesting a wide range of violent battle that the protagonist will embark on, reinforcing the convention of the thriller/crime genre: confusion and violence. The big-block font of the film title could suggest the obstacles that stand in the way of the protagonist and could represent the antagonist as being strong and mighty, while making Neeson look as small and weak as possible. This is done by composing Neeson and his shadow together, making them seem alone because of their distance from the main parts of Paris and, in addition to this, the words seem to be hiding behind the turning of the black, sinister looking road, reinforcing the conventions of confusion and investigation of the crime-thriller genre.

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