Saturday, 23 June 2012

RESEARCH & PLANNING What is a Teaser Trailer

What is a Teaser Trailer and what might it have?

A teaser trail is a short version of a normal trailer however; teaser trailers are faced-pasted and packed with hard-hitting content. The content within a teaser trailer is designed to attract a large audience during the build up to film that has been produced, they target the users of the Internet as they are commonly shown on all Internet platforms, and they aim to generate hype amount audiences. 

Millions of people use the Internet worldwide which is the main target of teaser trailers due to the Technological Revolution and the new phenomenon of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is the phrase that is used to describe the current movement and era of Internet interaction. Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Wikipedia, Twitter, and other websites like these have enabled user-generated content and social interaction. We, the users, are now able to comment on subject that have been uploaded on the Internet, we can now share our thoughts with mot only our friends, but the entire planet with the click of a button, or a tab on a phone. We can upload, download, and make music, videos, and even films. There are over 600 million users and that number will continue to rise. 

If a film is not successful in attracting an audience through Television advertisements, transport posters (buses, bus stops, in tube station), or newspapers, the next place to go to is the Internet. Teaser trailer are short (some can be 40 seconds long) and in them, they contain something that will attract the customer, make them remember what they have seen as well as thing about what they have seen. The Batman Trilogy has three films; Batman Begins, Batman: Dark Knight, and Batman: Dark Knight Rises. These films have a teaser trailer in which the audience will instantly recognise the film and this is done with the use of the Batman's bat log or with duologue or scenes from previous films. This can be done in the space of a few seconds, uploaded onto sites like the one I have mentioned above, and millions of people, regardless of if they are interested in the film or not, will have knowledge of the film. That is why many new films have a separate trailer to the ones that we may see on TV.

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