Thursday, 21 June 2012

Difficulties from AS

What Difficulties have I have come across so far?

I would say that the analyses of teaser trailers are proving to be a difficult area within the A2 cycle of Media Studies. I have always had problems when it comes to analysing clips of film, whether it be TV drama clips, or action films, I have never be able to tough grasp on it. I know that I will be able to improve on this ability but, it need improving now. Hopefully with lots of help, I will be able to master one of the main and key elements in all cycles of Media Studies.

Finding an idea that is not impossible to do is very hard, due to my wild imagination and my creative ideas. It is easy to just say to myself ‘I am going to make an adaptation of Harold Pinter’s play “The Dumb Waiter’ however, when I actually start to do it, I will find out that I will have insufficient funds and low manpower as technology to do it. To try and do it would be to complicated I would need ti find a cafĂ© with a basement in it, then the basement would have to have a ‘dumb waiter’ hatch, two beds, a speaking tube, a lavatory and a passage, a small coffee table, and o the list goes on. I need to think big but, I need to think wisely and this will be very hard for me to do.

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