Sunday, 24 June 2012

RESEARCH & PLANNING What Type of Film Has a Teaser Trailler

What kind of Film might have a Teaser Trailer?

Teaser Trailers may not be included in every single film that is made. They are mainly used to attract the internet based fans that use technological formats like Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google, and YouTube and, they mainly contain scenes and images that are not included in the actual films. In my case, I am using a teaser trailer while I am in the process of editing the film and I will be using this to generate extra hype for my audience while informing them of what they should expect and what they may see in the film.
Some teasers are used as a last resort for films if they have not generated enough attention from advertising and a normal teaser trailer promotion. In the case of Batman (1989, Tim Burton), a teaser trailer was used as a last marketing bid to keep the comic book fans of Batman happy with the film and ensure that it reflects the comic.
Big-budget films also use teaser trailer to keep the audience entertained in the film, attract more fans, build a bigger audience, and keep them guessing about the film. I will recreate scenes that may be in my teaser, turning them into short scenes that last a few seconds but, I will not included scenes that will be in the films. Many films have this but, they change the scenes in the films so; many viewers go to films seeing things from the teaser trailer and getting something totally different. A teaser, I think, should never give too much away but, give enough so that the audience wants more.

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