Thursday, 13 September 2012

Our Story Pitch

A story pitch is longer than the teaser pitch as it is a more through run-through of a teaser. It must have a logline-a slogan that hooks the listener-and should contain the fundamental and universal elements that producers are looking for.

The elements illustrate the hero's, their goals, the conflict(s), what the risk are, and why they are fighting for the risk, any pivotal events/emotional turns, and lastly, the conclusion.

My partner and I made a brief pitch for our presentation.


The Hero's: Jeremiah Baily. Sinita Wolfe

Goals: To find and rescue Kate and fulfil his promise he made to protect her

Conflict: He may have to resort to crime and extreme violence. His dark past may be the catalyst for future events. Also, he may not be able to keep the promise for he does not know what he will face.

The Risk: Killing may be needed to find the girl however, he may end up being killed. Things may go deeper than he expected and there could be dire consequences for pursing his objectives. Lastly, his stubbornness could be his downfall.

Why he is fighting to save her: He feels guilty and that the events that have happened are his doing and he also wants to put a stop to her family's pain. In addition to this, is sister also disappeared in the same way as Kate.

Emotional Turning Point:To re-cap, his sister also went missing seven years earlier. He also finds the love of his life.

Pivotal Events: He uncovers and leads to the prolonged capture of an infamously vicious Albanian Slavery ring.

Conclusion: He fulfils his promise to rescue Kate in her times of trouble and he also finds out some startling information about his sisters disappearance.

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