Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Our Teaser Pitch

My partner and I have had to create a teaser pitch for our teaser trailer and story pitch. Basically, a teaser pitch is a two minute pitch. The writer is allowed three sentences to hook the executive or agents and the listeners. Within those sentences, you will need to hook the audience with the premise, the genre, and the scope of your film.

Our Teaser Pitch:

Film Title: Promise Me
Genre: Action Thriller
Time Period: Modern Day
Location: London. Suburbs
Budget Medium-Low
Target Audience: Teenager to adults, forty years


It's early hours of morning  in London. Jeremiah Bailey receives a frantic call from teen Kate Hamilen. He swore that he would help her if she had problems. She disappears on that same morning, never to be seen again. Weighed down by guilt , he will use everything in his power to find her-by any means necessary.

Logline (Hook line):
"I made a promise. Now I need to fulfil it"

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