Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Breif Additions

The idea of incorperating an adult genre from a youthful point of view is extreamly exciting. We would love to be able to add romance, action, crime, and thriller into out film, following example from films such as Peirre Molsen's "Taken"  (2008). These type of films have a gripping and emotional storylines with suprising pivotal turning points. Furthermore, many books like Mills&Boons have the element of the harderned, alpha-male who has to go outside of their comfort zone to help other people and let other people in.

My partner and i have decided that we would like to add to figures into our film. The hitman type but, with a phychotic twist. They will be detached from society, loner individuals. Jeremiah being the person in need and the hitment being the renegade soilders . This is only a breif idea.

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