Sunday, 3 March 2013

Further Development into Shots and Movements

The two images below have been copied from GCSE Revision(another website from

I have found a good website that contains shots and camera angles that I am already familiar with. I would just like to recap on them and even pick the most interesting one to use in my teaser trailer and add to the shooting schedule.

The birds eye view is very important in our teaser trailer we can use it to confuse the audience with the power of status with the main protagonist, Jeremiah as he takes of his clothes in a tense and slow manner when he enters a mysterious dark room with briefcase in hand. We can use it and then make a slow transition into a high angle shot before he opens briefcase and while he is taking off his jacket. The audience will interpret the main protagonist as a weak character but, we can shock and confuse them by using a range of low angel shots along with some worm-eye views, emphasising the power that radiates from our main character and our hero within our teaser trailer.

Camera Angles

We have already decided to use a rang of Pans, Dutch-tilts, and Whip pans because we love the the sense of disorder, quickness, paranoia, and edginess that they can give off if used correctly. These elements are all need within a thriller and crime genre and, even more so in action films. With the current equipment that we have now, many of them will be hard to pull off but, as a group, we have done some research and as seen above, we have improved our knowledge once again to make improvements.

camera movement

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